Sunday, October 11, 2009


To be who you really want to be... isn't that our life goal?
When is it that we decide what we are. I think i've always known WHAT i am... but when will i find out who am i? who do i want to be? I know I want to make a difference. but how? I love what i am, I am a GOOD girl. I dont drink, or do drugs, and for the most part i dont swear. But who am i? those are all things i do. I want to be vanessa, the girl you can look up to, the fun loving , forgiving, compationate,realistic, person i can be. So at what point? what point can i look back and say i know who i am? I think today can be that day. The day where i've figured out what i want in life. I just want to be my family, to friends...i dont have to be famous, or recieve any prizes for things... i just want to be a good example. Where when i have kids, they say...My mom is incredible.... I believe perfect is a mind frame....what is keeping us from being perfect? can be the perfect you... or you can live with the knowledge your not living up to your full potentional....We all strive to live perfect...when in fact some are.... could we possibly gain perfectness? i think so... i believe we cant live our life in the perfect way of christ... that i am sure we cant. but we can sure try, but i do believe we can be perfect. i perfect? lets make a list of goals
What i want to be
fun lovin
now am i livingup to my full potential? no i am not....will i live up to my full potential....yes i will.

"In order to make a difference in this life, you must first be different."
Now you may ask, how will i make a difference? I will achieve perfection.