Tuesday, February 23, 2010

complications of the little things

How is it, that some one can screw us over, and you couldn't really care a whole lot, but when registering for classes makes you want to throw your laptop against the wall....why is it you can recieve 50 dollar flowers, and not get as much satisfaction as one letter from someone that truly cares? the range of emotions humans can posses is really baffling if you really think about seems like the more you try, the less it seems they care, but as soon as you stop trying, they show you you really care. When i thought all hope was lost, hope was found. Isn't that odd? How you can just be carying a conversation, and the other person could have a spark of hope, or of friendship, or of love. So why do people say hurtful things? when obviously its not helping anyone. if everyone said nice things, did nice things..i wonder how this world could be..i know that we're all not perfect, but i think if we even tried to bite our tounges a little bit, it could help. I think i will work on never know whose life you could help. Another thing... maybe, when others are trying to help you, showing you they care...i could acknowledge that more..thank peoplemore often, i know it really ticks me off when it seems like people talk to me, but it sounds like they really dont when you spend 30 bucks just to make um feel better from a reallybad day, or send expensive flowers to make them feel special on a special day...i know how i feel, maybe i should start thinking about how others feel