Saturday, April 10, 2010


What does it really mean to suceed in life? Ah the life long question. Some believe it is to live your life to the fullest. Some say to make it back to our father in heaven. But honestly, i've never thought much about it till now. I dont wholy agree with anything, save one thing. I believe to suceed in life, is to change anothers. I do believe we need to live according to the will of our father, and to live life to its fullest. But when your on your deathbed, your life flashing before you...will you truly remember all of your sins? I know i dont think i would. I'd like to think of the beautiful blessings of others helping me and changing my life. I'd like to think others would do the same. Why focus on the bad things that already happened, especially for the fact you cant change them. But what the greatest feeling in the world is that you know someone thought of an act of kindness you did for them that helped change them. Imagine when we meet our maker, he'll take us in his arms and comfort us. He'll look us straight in the eye, and say thank you, for helping my precious lamb back. Your eyes will be filled with wracked emotion. For all the things you have done wrong in life, he notices all the right things first. What a great feeling it is that you pleased him. And a better feeling...that you didn't do it for him, you did it for fear of his little lamb. Again I say, to suceed in life, is to change anothers.