Friday, August 20, 2010


Ok so aparently people do read my blog, and then complain when i tell whats on my mind, and not whats in my life ha! funny i know. Well said i'd get on that... SO life right now, its in an inbetween mode, Alot of things are coming up...such as
1. COLLEGE! woot! yes i'm goin to byui but i will get my money back when i graduate with my MAIDEN name! haha! ok we'll see...i'm super stoked to move in on my own finally! ok with other girls still but no ADULTS! woot!
2.One of my best friends is coming home off of his mission! He's in argentina, and he'll be home on october 25! i'm ridiculously excited that he's coming home!
3. One of my good friends is getting married! Which scares me to death! Good luck shae! Well actually alot of my friends are married...i have a wall of shame ;D haha totally kidding..but i really have one...
4. NEW PEOPLE! i'm excited for a whole group of people to start evaluating me for the possibility for mariage or bridesmaid material...ha kidding
hecka yes! bring it on!!!