Saturday, September 25, 2010

my new world!


Why in heavens name, do people say highschool was the best time of your life? LIES! college. I'm happy I waited a year till I went. It gave me time to grow up a little bit. It seems like when I tell people I'm a freshman, they look so surprised, which actually makes me feel better. Atleast i'm not acting like one. I feel like I'm going a million miles per hour, woah...between school and friends, I'm also the ballroom manager and I got a calling..woah! But its so much fun. I need to go home more often though, I do miss my family. I'm making tons of new friends! Some are super cute cough cough haha but great thing about being young and free, is you can stay that way! Just because I go to byui doens't mean I want a relationship! But if i meet someone I really like who we'll see what happens. But for now i'll stick with my imaginary friend ;D!!

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