Friday, November 5, 2010


Today I am grateful,and ashamed. Pride is such a abusive thing for one to have. It leaves you feeling too good, an island in a sea of shame. To try to swim to another island, say to hope, or to love, you have to get off the addictive island and swim. You have to let yourself go to shame, or shall I call it humility. You need to let yourself go, before you can be found again.Today, I swallowed my pride, and jumped. I jumped deep. For one to ask for a blessing, may not be such a hard thing. But for me, it is hard for me to accept I need help. Lucky for me I have ridiculously awesome friends who would drop anything to help. To my FHE family, at first I was concerned, nothing personal, I just didn't like FHE with people who weren't my family. But I am realizing now that you guys really are my family. I dont think I have ever felt this loved, not even at Pine Basin, which is really saying something. When my back kills, you come, no questions asked. Except you did ask me what meds I took, but i'll let that one slide. haha jk. I want you all to know how much I look up to you and truly appriciate your help. I have an awesome family, that is only growing bigger and bigger. I only wish that I can return the favor one day.

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